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Functional modular furniture Ally

A beautiful collection of modular upholstered furniture Ally was made by German architects. Designers Peter Hertel and Sebastian Klarhoefer made comfortable chairs that can be converted into a sofa. Chairs are fastened together by magnets that are on the sides.


The unique design of the chairs from Angelo Domaiuolo

Collection of chairs called MIVIDA designers have come up from the studio Angelo Domaiuolo. The chairs are very cute and a bit done in a retro style, quiet colors favorable to himself.  Do comfortable chairs graying in a chair you can dip and feel the satisfaction and comfort.


Romantic bedroom with a beautiful terrace

This bedroom is so reminiscent of the summer! Fresh and bright colors, lots of greenery and light, terrace – this is not the place where you would like to meet this morning? Spacious room, five large windows provide plenty of natural light to this room.The centerpiece of the bedroom is white iron bed with a canopy. On the contrary it is an old yellow dresser that needs restoration. Masters deliberately not taken action on his appearance – his worn surface gives the room more charm. Also, the room has a small reading area with comfortable chairs and a small coffee…

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