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Attractive carpets MANGAS

Modern designer made a collection of magnificent carpets MANGAS. Carpets are made of bright and colorful blooms and they are produced in the shape of slaves. All carpets are made from an assortment of woolen threads, all carpets are interesting and unusual shape, all the carpets are very interesting and colorful.


Cabinet-style LEGO

Sweden – is not only the birthplace of Carlson and group ABBA, but also a place where there are always new names in fashion and design. Young Swedish furniture brand A2, created in 2009 on the basis of the eponymous design studio, in their collections professes innovative and different innovative thinking. Purpose – to show the familiar objects of interior in the new and unusual design. Own production in the historical province of Småland, in southern Sweden, said that the intentions of the fastest growing companies the most serious. Not long ago, young Swedish enthusiasts presented a collection of colorful…


Rebel Sofa and Chair

Rebel Sofa made ​​by Richard Shemtov with clean and comfortable design. The forms are smooth and colorful colors make this sofa looks beautiful. Rebel design can be described as beautiful and simple. Made with two related forms that express movement or transit, they were inspired by “subway routes and intersections,” says designer Richard Shemtov. The higher the back wrap around the arms creates a nest that is both delights. Seat and back can be covered in two different colored fabrics to emphasize its bold design, or all in one continuous tsvet. Rebel sofa and chair upholstered with polyurethane foam on…


Children’s furniture

Over recent years the approach to children’s furniture has changed dramatically, including the customers. This is a big achievement producers legislators furniture fashion, and fashion is quite a grown-up. They demonstrate to the public that the habitat can be interactive, stimulating the imagination and inviting to the game. Incoming search terms: childrens furniture


Beautiful Mess Home in Sweden

This 60 square meter home in Sweden is a beautiful mussy space with colorful knickknacks, quirky prints and vintage articles. A bigger part of this tiny home is a large lounge while leaving ample space for a kitchen, bedroom, bath and a pocket garden. Helping make this home look bigger is that most part of the walls are painted in white and large windows that go with it. In spite of its size, this home oozes with happy vibe.


Colorful and Comfortable Furniture Ideas by Rainbows

Designed by Lubo Majer for Company DIZAJNO, the set comes with an irresistible look, one that has the ability to cheer up a room instantly. Here is an excerpt from the official press release we were sent: “The origin of this idea was light. Light consisting of colors. Colors in the everyday life of people. Inspired by the shape of rainbow I created the collection of upholstery furniture consisting of seven elements – colors and the table with glass plate reminiscent to slop of water in the rain. Upholstered elements are possible to join together, from two or three chairs…

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