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Children’s table for creativity

The Guidecraft company has developed a functional and versatile table for children. A table laid out in detail, it has everything for a comfortable pastime child, from the fact that there are no sharp corner and ending with a different holder pencil, paint and shelves separated into sections. Provided even the fact that the table can accommodate two children at once, and both will be comfortable.


A small house in the garden

A small house in the garden is very convenient, first, you can store things for the garden, or just hide in the garden of all. In a small house in the summer children can play, read books, and do a hobby. Incoming search terms: small garden house , small house gardens


Children’s bathroom

As you know, some children do not really like to wash, do not want to brush their teeth and generally relate to hygiene as tedious duties. In this post, we will describe the 10 tricks – how to make your bathroom a fun and interesting place in the eyes of a child, which would go to him in joy.


Moon Shaped Baby

Furniture for children may not be an easy task when it comes to finding something that will be fitting for your new bundle of joy and your room. Cradle moon green and beautiful piece of furniture, a lullaby is handmade to order which is made ​​out of pallets. And is a great replacement simple cot. Each board was made and polished by one, then glazed with a high protection sealant that is safe for children. The final result is a super soft to the touch and helps to buffer any unwanted noise. Each cradle hand takes about 12 days. Incoming…


Hughie Removable Kitchen Sink Made from Biodegradable Plastic

Green design for the kitchen sink designed by Hughie of Australia, and the product is called a removable kitchen sink. Removable kitchen sink has a cool new product designed to address the current shortage of water below. Made from biodegradable plastic material, Hughie removable kitchen sink works on the principle of management of recycled water. The Hughie Sink Can be used by every member of the household from children to grandparents.Capturing water which would normally go down the drain, when washing hands, cleaning the veges, or even the warm up water in the shower. Submerge in the bath and this…

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