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Mirror and the simplest things

The red color is quite aggressive and challenging, but at the same time, and quite attractive. This color is the color of love, and at the same time (for example, the young man in love often brings her favorite rose is red), and the color of blood, and the color of passion (for example, the owner of the red dresses will stand out against the background of white and black dresses), and the color. To morning was cheerful and joyous few mirrors in the red part will lift your mood. We will need plastic spoons (+ -200 pc), cardboard, glue…


Peas and peas in the interior

As on the catwalks, in the interior and then we see print “polka dots.” He does not look so boring and monotonous. Peas can be of different colors and sizes. Maybe that will make this print interior of your home a bright, fresh and summer! Creating a beautiful interior with a polka dot pattern is not new, but of course, it is very fashionable reception in interior design. Merry, cheerful, little children’s pattern is sure to become the focal point of any room. Small colored circles have a big impact on the overall design, even if they are used in…


Bedroom for girls

Perfect solution for a family with two kids! This wonderful bright room for two girls is clearly designated areas – bedrooms and a game room, separated by a sliding door. Books and toys for girls are a cheerful decor in the interior, and an abundance of interesting places to store small, which in young children, of course, is not enough.

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