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Unusual Utensils made ​​of paper

The creator of this work, Paronetto Paola (Paola Paronetto), was educated at the School of Ceramics La Meridiana, then founded his own studio. Here she took up the search for creative, professional improvement and experimentation with ceramics and porcelain. In twenty years of practice, the designer managed to develop his own style of interpreting the ancient techniques of working with clay and learn the different techniques of processing. Designer boldly experimenting with the technological capabilities of materials, plays with form and texture.


Decorated with a beautiful wall plate

Beautiful interiors are assessed according to the degree of individuality. That is why the walls in the houses decided to decorate the paintings, photographs, carpets, and decorative plates. This is a simple and economical way to diversify the interior, transform and add flavor. Wall plates come into every home for various reasons. Someone who receives them as a gift, someone takes them on memory from other cities and countries, someone buys as a decorative element. Plates are made from environmentally friendly materials. They are made of clay, ceramics, porcelain, wood or vines. Decorative plates are more commonly seen on the…

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