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Glamorous black chairs

These chairs are made using the technology of 3D-printing (some would say was printing using special 3D-printers). But there is another unusual feature, and – relief on the chairs repeats the noise of the cities. So it turns out that two identical patterns can never be – even the same noise source (in this case a city) at different times sounds different. On the relief will affect the volume and frequency of sounds. Brazilians have come up with such furniture – designers from Estudio Guto Nequena.


Beautiful piece of plastic Plastic Fantastic

Foreign furniture designer Jasper van Grootel (Zhasper Van Grotel) has created a creative collection of plastic chairs called Plastic Fantastic in the Baroque style of a country house and garden. The chip furniture material – it is plastic with rubber, which makes the chairs are very durable and look like leather. Black chairs – look as if came to us from the 19th century and made of very expensive materials

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