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New beautiful collection of dinnerware from Ikea

The new design collection of glassware IKEA not only has a beautiful design, but also can just wash in the dishwasher and used in any microwave. A beautiful collection of new dishes “Promenade” – a simple and deep plates, small bowls, which are decorated with various blue patterns, balloons and birds. The patterns on the dishes like the mosaic that forms a graphic pattern. The color combination is similar to an old Delft tiles, which will be appropriate for serving the holiday table. Author beautiful pattern designer Malin Okerblum says that if you look at the dishes from different angles,…


Funny bird-house

NeighBirds – this is a birdhouse that you can hang in your home, so you and your kids can watch the birds. Title birdhouse is a play on words. The word “neighbor” is translated as a neighbor. NeighBirds can hang anywhere near the house, if necessary, even to move (but note that if the birds have already moved there, then you can not touch it!). An excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the world of birds up close. Birdhouses made ​​by hand, raw sprig made ​​for more convenience. There is in this collection are not only birdhouses and feeders but.


Nesting box on the roof of Klaas Kuiken

Get closer to nature in our post-industrial world and wake up to the chirping of fun, you can use a tile roof with finished houses for birds. Starling house with shingles made ​​of the same material as the other tiles, fit well in the urban environment. In addition, many birds prefer to live in groups of neighbors to each other, so they must like that approach. Perhaps if lure quails and make an additional hole in the bottom, as well as the egg-to-wire in the kitchen – you can also provide the additional dietary requirements.


New Year – a miracle

New Year’s Eve, even the most die-hard realists make wishes: and suddenly come true? And they may well be fulfilled if to surround yourself in a part of a good holiday tale. Fairies and elves, butterflies and birds, and just fabulous romantic characters. For this theme best suited gentle tones of purple, turquoise, blue – against a large number of snow-white. Plus – a little soft golden glitter and rhinestones.

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