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Zingy chair by designer Gaetano Pesce

Serie Up 2000 – this is a great chair by designer Gaetano Pesce, which is made up on the chair and ottoman. This handy piece of furniture was first made in 1969, and basically shows the female body and the ball. You can select a chair in beautiful colors: dark blue, bright scarlet, bright yellow, blue and dark green and vintage striped orange and beige color.


Beautiful Bedding for children’s cots

This popular company has developed a collection of Zara Home. This crib bedding with such beautiful colors and designs your kids will sleep well and good. This collection will go well with any interior nursery. Look at the photos and choose what you and your child to your liking.


Hangers climber by Thomas Schmitz

Beautiful and unusual hangers comes in five beautiful colors. Berlin Kreuzberg represented urban gray, is a friendly blue Munich Schwabing, Cologne Ehrenfeld sunny yellow, Frankfurt-Bornheim born with a heart and red. Hamburg shows a blue sea Schanze. Climber made in Berlin. Each hanger color distinguishes city.

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