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Convenient hanging table for small apartments

Balcony, even the smallest, can turn into a wonderful old cabinet or a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air due to the suspension multifunction table, created by German designer Michael Hilgers (Michael Hilgers). From this table you can put your feet up on the balcony and do their business, sometimes watching the hurrying passers-by or passing clouds.


The idea to create a cozy gas fireplace in your garden

We all love to sit by the fire in a friendly and fun company. Mourn, to think, to talk. And that was coined for this portable fireplace that can be used on your country, and you have a home, putting it even in the room, though the balcony, if not relegate to the roof and built there a great picnic.


Flowers on your balcony as the beautiful garden

With the arrival of the heat, many residents of megacities go to cottages, to admire the verdant trees and shrubs, as well as primroses. And throughout the summer vacationers will be able to enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoy their fragrance. Do not be upset by urban dwellers who do not have suburban areas. Organize a mini garden can be on your balcony and just a modest area, not to mention the premises and more. The main thing – to bring the love of nature and beauty in your heart, and then the transformation of the banal balcony…


A spacious apartment with a view of the gulf

Mariya and Maxim moved into a new building near the Gulf of Finland two years ago because of their second kid birth. The owners who always lived only on Vasilyevsky Island were attracted by a semicircular layout of the apartment, impressive metric area, and a view from the 12th floor. Half of windows face the gulf and the river Smolenka, the rest windows face Krestovsky Island and Petrogradskaya storona.



Bloomframe-innovative window, one click turns into a balcony, is not a prototype or one’s imagination! Bloomframe balcony can be bought in the Netherlands. The manufacturer has received all the necessary certificates to start using this invention in all buildings where it is acceptable from the point of view of safety. Patio, color and materials can be fully adapted or developed in addition to the front of new and existing buildings.

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