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The apartment on the Avenue Bazhan

HOSTS Taras – a head of the youth organization “Compass”, Lyudmila – a manager NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 METRIC AREA 96 sq.m CEILING HEIGHT 2.7 m The family moved into their own apartment on Bazhana prospect several years ago. The hosts wanted to create a cosy and at the same time functional interior in which their wanderlust would have been seen. That’s why Taras and Lyudmila asked the designer Irina Pilipenko to think over the future appearance of the apartment. Rooms are designed in different styles and they convey the atmosphere of countries which caught the hosts’ fancy. The bedroom and…


Comfortable and beautiful wicker furniture

Wicker furniture blends well with glass, wood, leather, metal, natural textiles. We tend to think that it is good for balcony and garden, colonial interior room in the ecological style, although its scope is much broader. For example, a table and chairs with straight lines will complement the classic interior, wicker chairs with colorful cushions and a coffee table will bring warmth and comfort to modern urban living, wicker headboard and dressing table will create a sweet and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.


Beautiful room for active toddlers

That arises in the mind when the phrase “Children for a boy?” Cars, boats, superheroes. Boys’ colors – blue, brown, green … A “Kids for Girls” – is something gaudy pink. Alas, we have considered the case. And most of the children and looks. But if you want you can create a very original solution … This particular baby is made for boys (although it would suit for girls, especially if the girl – the little robber, preferring books of Jules Verne). The boy – a big fan of traveling and the Indiana Jones movies. The room is spacious, done…


Flower lamp

Light consists of a this: 35 alloy wheels, ABS attached to the chrome sphere on aluminum rods. White lacquered discs that resemble the petals roses, create layers. They redirect the light at each other or reflect it on the inside, thereby creating an elegant and mysterious atmosphere. The outer side of the petals matte, and depending on the position of the luminaire disks emit light directly or smoothing.


Apartment on Vasilievsky Island

An apartment on Vasilyevsky Island with a wooden ceiling and chairs Philippe Starck. OWNERS Evgeniya Chapaeva – a designer Sergey Naidenov – an entrepreneur METRIC AREA 54 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 FLOOR 7 CEILING HEIGHT 2.5 m Zhenya and Serezha got a two-room apartment on Vasilyevsky Island from their parents on their wedding as a present. They moved into their first common dwelling just a little more than a year ago and they made the repair for almost all this time. Zhenya is a designer by occupation, that’s why she thought up the interior by herself conferring with her…


Elegant lamp

Italian designer Alberto Puchetti together with Northern Lighting has developed a lamp Aerodrome. Its appearance is inspired by the aerodynamic design of turbine aircraft engines, as well as features of Scandinavian style since the 60s of last century. Concisely and cold glow not make the room more comfortable, but instead create an atmosphere similar to the lounge area of business class at the airport. Aerodrome lamp looks rich and elegant, which certainly fits many connoisseurs of minimalism.


Cosy attic

An attic with wooden beams and sloping roof furnished as a photo- and music studio.

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