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Convenient folding chair Flex

Armchair Flex (with English. – “Flexible”) – a multipurpose novelty of the design studio AK47 design, created from hardened steel and forming an unusual sort. Except that in this original piece of furniture you can sit in it you can still keep a lot of things, such as magazines, books, CDs – in short everything that you will need to have on hand. Depending on the method of bolting, Flex can take two main forms: a form similar to the light from the back and a small oval ottoman. This stylish piece of furniture will be a godsend for the…


Vinyl and bright chair

Extravagant ARMCHAIR from a young Korean designer Lie Sihun – bright chair of crumpled vinyl, which is a collection of Anitya, but his appearance stands out among other products. Unusual multi-colored chair suitable for the modern interior, will make it more vivid and interesting.


Idea of Geometrica Armchair

In 1978 shortly after the Proust armchair was produced it became recognized as an icon for twentieth century furniture design and quickly became one of the most renowned reference points in the search for form and aesthetic perfection. The chair was created by Studio Alchimia and features an ornately carved and hand painted wooden frame.

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