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Underwater Living Space Idea

Underwater rooms are places that sometimes only exist in our wildest of fantasies, but more and more in this day and age these rooms (and entire hotels) are becoming a reality made possible by architects and designers globally. Although it might seem like a huge undertaking to propose an underwater space of your own if you don’t have the budget or plot of land that will accommodate an underground structure– we’re sure our 10 favorites will help to inspire your own projects and get a room or two underwater if you choose. Build out a pool, pond or other body…


Alpine Hotel by Swedish architects

Swedish architectural firm AIX Arkitekter has designed the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Are, Sweden. Completed in 2008, this 183,000 square foot, contemporary alpine hotel includes some unique design details such as a one-story fire place, and a three-story high copper wall. Breathtaking panoramic views can be enjoyed from many of its rooms, restaurants, and spa.

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