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Chic chocolate brown sofa

«Hocky» – is a series of multifunctional furniture designed by Polish designer studio «Merely» – MarcinWielgosz. The furniture set consists of modular segments, which can be varied: to combine into a comfortable sofa or use each separately and individually. Also «Hocky» universal in that it has armrests that converts into a table. Here’s the description from the designer: «Hocky» – is an economical project, especially in terms of form, its main purpose is to provide high functionality and comfort of use.


Adding those final touches

Once your wall is papered, floorboards are carpeted and curtains hung, it’s adding a few final touches to your room that will bring the look together and into a space that you are proud of. Linking-up elements of any room can be a tricky business, so take your colour scheme and your room’s theme and think carefully about a few pieces that will bring as much individuality to your space, as they do style. Whether you want to complement or contrast, make sure you implement these three accessories to bring your décor to life.


Beautiful lamps from designer Benjamin Hubert

The London Festival of design projects in 2012 by designer Benjamin Hubert has presented a series of lightning – “Chandeliers Tenda». Projection Series combines the materials that relate to a variety of industries: glass fiber mesh – manufacturing industry kites, Lycra – industry manufacturing sportswear, 4 way stretch elastic – Industrial production of underwear and basic equipment design – the production of manufacturing tents. The designer says that the main component of chandeliers is multi-layered textiles. Externally lamp covered with a four-microgrid high quality that gives it volume and lightness. Inner layers manufactured from Lycra which distorted light.


Modern projects by PHX Architecture

The Phoenix Arcadia Estate is a glamorous classic residential manor rooted in the desert of Scottsdale Arizona. The estate is 8916 square feet and features a conservatory, pool house, guest casita, and a large dog run. And although it is located in the newer and more modern Arizona neighborhoods, the home portrays a feel of an earlier mid Atlantic generation which fits nicely in the baron neighboring desert. It is unique in that it is an uncommon style in the surrounding area including a stone exterior, curved arches, soft lines, and wood beams. Although uncommon in the desert, the home…


Decorating a bedroom? Start with the bed!

Whether you use your bedroom as a space to express yourself and indulge in hobbies or as more of a dressing room, you are likely to rely on it as one thing in particular – as a place where you lay your weary head at the end of the day. As a result, the focus of most bedrooms is the bed itself and whether you’re short of space or have room for a super kingsize, your choice of bed can help set the tone for the complete room, as well as your night of rest. If you are buying a…


Beautiful kitchen in pink

Which would you like to see the kitchen? Blue? Red? Or pink? Some people think that juicy and bright colors look gaudy, but this collection of bright pink kitchen pictures in this dissuade you. Bright Pink wallpaper or pale colors set the tone for the entire kitchen, create a mood, a kitchen that is refreshing and attracts. Pink Kitchen is very large, so you can make a couple and enjoy every minute of it.


Site for those who love yoga and meditation

Everyone knows that Japan is one of the most charming places in which there are many parks and beautiful places with large stones. Most often, gardens, flat and smooth sand filled up special or small pebbles. Typically in the garden for meditation stones arranged in a chaotic manner. It is worth noting that in many of the gardens and European style. Browse a selection of gardens, and you may want to put one of them.

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