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Farmhouse by Wyant Architecture

Philadelphia-based studio Wyant Architecture has designed a contemporary addition to an existing 18th century farmhouse located in Elverson, a borough in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA.


Body Shelving by Darragh Casey

Inspired by his father, who used each moment of boredom as a chance to build and put up another shelf on the wall, artist and furniture design student Darragh Casey developed an intriguing project entitled “Shelving the Body”. According to Fubiz, several photos were taken by the artist at the Central Saint Martins 2012 Degree Show, with a theme that is said to explore the relationship between people, shelves and the objects they hold. The originality (and dare we add- craziness) of these installations consists in the fact that the shelves are only stable if supported by the human body….


Longest Weave Bench In England

There is more than one way to create a bench, and Studio Weave designers proved that over and over again with just one installation of a bench where the twists and turns not only have people intrigued but it is seating a good portion of people in West Sussex. The Littlehampton based bench has the ability to seat about 800 people, and it span over 2,000 feet. If that wasn’t astonishing enough– the design allows for the bench to continue expanding over time. The creative and intriguing bench is made from thousands of tropical hardwood slats that are individually engraved…


Colour Schemes for Living Room

Vibrant blue living room If you’re sticking to a single colour, mix textures to add interest – the glossy finish to rough-luxe textures ups the glam factor in this living room. A curvaceous royal-blue lamp adds sleek contrast to the chair and rug.


Modern Ideas for Decorating your Living Room

Restore original features Beautifully restored original features sit comfortably alongside sleek, contemporary additions giving the living room a fresh and sophisticated look.


Eco Design of House in Arlington

This is Arlington Passivhaus, a sustainable architecture design of a house based on the Passivhaus standard, which was the first built passivhaus in Arlington, designed by Zavos Architecture + Design. Besides some sustainable features, this house is also completed by green roof.


Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens

Choose a sleek design The natural tones of this cream and grey Classic-FS/Esprit kitchen blend harmoniously with the landscape beyond. Leicht kitchens are priced from £15,000.

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