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Ideas for Home Staircases

Playful wall sticker staircase The painted balusters add a shot of lush colour, while the creative wall stickers add a playful attribute to the staircase. Incoming search terms: spiral staircase , spiral stairs


Idea of Scott Gundersen for Old Corks

One can only guess that when Michigan-based visual artist Scott Gundersen treats himself to dinner and a bottle of fine wine, the focus isn’t on the bouquet or even the vintage of said wine, but on the cork. Why? Because instead of tossing them into the trash where they will head to a landfill and rot for thousands of years, Gundersen adds these wine-stained corks to his collection to use in one of his stunning, larger-than-life portraits.


Ideas for Dining Rooms in Nautical Style

Nautical dining room With its statement stripes and 
simple palette, this chic look is so 
shipshape we want to salute it. Keep windows curtain-free or go for sheer blinds to let the light in and keep the scheme super-simple. Opt for key accessories to bring the look together.


Seoul’s Idea – Virtual Store

Android owners, take heed: no more waiting in epic lines at the market to pick up the day’s staples. From milk and juice and toilet paper to choice cuts of your favorite meat, South Korea’s Homeplus has got you covered. The country’s #2 discount chain has designed the coolest multitasking app that will simplify the mundane and oft annoying necessity of shopping for food and toiletries. Say you’re waiting for your train at Seoul’s crazy-busy Seolleung train station, and you have a few moments to kill, but your day is already jam-packed with meetings and you don’t know when you’re…


Decorating Ideas for Teenager’s Rooms

Spanish furniture company, Nueva Linea brings us their vision of what today’s youth would prefer in their rooms. These teenager’s bedrooms look more like retreats, with clever items providing ample storage, (teenagers aren’t generally known for their minimalism), while incorporating the necessities of today’s youth-good size work stations in entertaining space. A lot of young people hate the look of those impossibly tidy rooms that furniture companies tend to show off on their catalogs. They like to see rooms that appear a bit more ‘normal’ and ‘inhabited’ with that extra personal touch. We hope this post would help those in…


10 Ideas for Transform Your Home Library

Whether an avid reader or not, all of us have books in our homes. Textbooks, novels, how-to books, you name it– they all need a place to be stored. There are so many inventive ways to either stow away or show off your books, and we’ve got 10 inspiring photos to help you get your home library started (or continued on if you’re in progress). Built-ins can certainly seem like a flawless way to go for many, and the endless combinations and sizes for storage can all be customized to your needs and desires. The space above actually has the…


Dining Room in Seaside-style – Ideas

Dining table Give your dining room an oh-so-stylish summery feel all year round. It really doesn’t take much time at all – simply update tired walls with a fresh lick of paint and revamp furniture to give it new life. Try sanding an old table down and repainting it or covering it with a new tablecloth. Finish with carefully picked accessories for a harmonious purse-friendly makeover. The wooden table and chairs really warm up the cool white and blue scheme – find similar at Homebase.

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