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Glamour style

This gorgeous fairy bedroom design is suitable for a little girl, and for a young girl still believes in miracles. To feel like a princess, surrounded by fairies in a magical forest – what more could you ask for? If you are looking for a charming idea for a girl’s bedroom design, you will be delighted by this amazing bedroom designed by Italian company AltaModa. This set combines modern fashion trends with radiance bright materials, creating a fantastic atmosphere of absolute tenderness. The glamorous dressing table and wardrobe are amazing and make this dream of any stylish interior girl.


Peace and harmony in your bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house where everything needs to have peace and tranquility. Blue colors, which dominates the decoration of a room. The color should make the room cozy and calm, but do not be boring and expressionless. The blue color is a shade of blue, which is interesting in itself, and the variety of its colors is striking. The blue color is perfect for the bedroom: first – it is positive, and secondly – a calming effect on the psyche, and thirdly – it helps focus thoughts. In the room where there is the…


Bathroom design in gentle tones

Beautiful and spacious bedroom is interesting is the fact that it has two windows, it has a zonal division with arches, and it has access to the bathroom. Also in the room is equipped with a place to work. Many beautiful decorative elements show us the beauty of the interior, and perfect color combinations and scales and speak about harmony in the design of this room. Bright maroon blankets stress conditions in the room, because it lead quiet pastel tones. Bright red armchair for reading, which stands at the window particularly in soft colors. In this case, upholstery chairs are…


Bedroom design in a marine style

Beautiful bedroom design in combination of bright and warm tones pleasing to the eye and seems quite cozy. Lacking only the large and roomy closet to the right things always at hand, the best course to a dressing room. Furniture to fit harmoniously into the interior, it is better to buy a compartment to order. Proper selection of colors and materials, and furniture will withstand the overall style of the bedroom. Beautiful bright about, and lovely paintings on the walls. Comfort and warmth in a bedroom would be nice to wake up and go to sleep nicely.


Romantic bedroom with a beautiful terrace

This bedroom is so reminiscent of the summer! Fresh and bright colors, lots of greenery and light, terrace – this is not the place where you would like to meet this morning? Spacious room, five large windows provide plenty of natural light to this room.The centerpiece of the bedroom is white iron bed with a canopy. On the contrary it is an old yellow dresser that needs restoration. Masters deliberately not taken action on his appearance – his worn surface gives the room more charm. Also, the room has a small reading area with comfortable chairs and a small coffee…


Bedroom in spring colors

If you design the interior space in the “spring” style, he is sure to lift your spirits even in the gloomy autumn day. And to create such a style in your home very easily. Moreover, it is enough to make one room in a warm and cheerful style. Bedroom should make in contrasting colors. The walls should be beige and golden, blue on the windows hang curtains, and must lie on a bed of dark pink bedspread. The relative brightness of the room can mitigate natural wood furniture and wood floors a light color. Necessarily have the windows in vases…

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