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Functional and spacious interior

In this simple interior of the main functionality and space. An unusual and interesting idea with a shelf between the windows for CD-disks. Shelf white perfectly blends with the wall, and it turns a unitary construction with the entire wall.


Rotating Eco house “Domespace”

Recently there has been increasing demand for eco-houses made of natural materials with self-contained power supply. Company Solaleya, specializing in green building, offers environmentally friendly housing advocates his concept of wooden house called “Domespace”. This house is shaped like a flying saucer,  has the original design, but also a refuge during natural disasters. It is 90% of the tree, is also able to withstand hurricane winds of 240 km / h and earthquake of eight points.


Cat House on the company Asahi Kasei

Japanese company Asahi Kasei has developed a design house that creates the ultimate comfort for the existence in it of several cats. Cats can walk freely where they want, thanks to stepped through and attached the beams around the perimeter of the house.


A two-room apartment on Nevsky prospect

OWNERS Vladimir – an economist, Valeriya – the author of Metric area 57 sq.m Number of rooms 2 Floor 2 Ceiling height 2.8 m The owners moved into their apartment on Nevsky prospect a half year ago and they are interiorising the space till now. The apartment with the repair of the 90s had been rented before. Practically all interior was thought up, details were chosen by themselves, designers helped with the ceilings and technical aspect. Vladimir and Valeriya wanted the apartment to be bright and behavioral.


Beautiful interiors in Sweden ANNA CARDEL

Here’s where you can fully unleash your imagination, so it’s a profession interior decorator. Agree, in a studio, which so often have to work these professionals, creating a backdrop for various photo shoots, much easier to improvise with the colors and shapes to create the most incredible compositions and combinations. Of course, not all of their works will be realized in life, but through experimentation can often come to something very interesting and beautiful.


Cozy homes county of Hampshire

England is rich in the most ancient and beautiful places in the south of the country. And one of them is a county of Hampshire. This place is well known that it has a magnificent and a huge pair of New Forest. It once led the hunt English kings and courtiers. Also in this huge area of Hampshire there are a lot of castles, houses and locals.


The cozy loft apartment in Stockholm

Stunning loft with three bedrooms, a spacious living room and two large balconies located in Stockholm, Sweden. Area of ​​residence is 136 square meters. The spacious living area combines a recreation room with fireplace, dining room and kitchen. The white walls and an open floor plan visually expand the space. The very contrast with the wooden beams on the ceiling and brick wall in the hallway. Bright accents in the form of furniture, accessories and art objects are responsible for creating a cozy atmosphere.

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