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The bright design idea kitchen apron

Kitchen apron called fragment of the wall above the work surface. When choosing a kitchen apron is aware that you and your household members will have to look at it every day.

The most elegant and beautiful, no doubt, be called glass kitchen aprons. Today it is the most practical and popular products. They bribe durability, integrity entire surface, ease of care, a variety of colors and ease.

Translucent glass kitchen aprons particularly advantageous look as well selected illumination. Often, these products are made to order, and the other on the wall plate can be applied to any parent.

Elegant design decision – mosaic variant kitchen apron. Thanks to the mosaic can combine virtually any color solutions. These wall hangings will certainly become a unique highlight of the interior. When you select this option kitchen apron should be aware that in the mosaic will need a fairly complex care, due to the large number of stitches.

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