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Ideas for decorating eggs for Easter

Dyeing eggs – small pet ordinance that sets up the participants at the festive mood. While we collect the onion peel, herbs for coloring eggs or preparing paints and brushes, and then engaged in dyeing or painting Easter eggs, we have time to think, to remember old times, childhood, when you dyed eggs as a family, surrounded by the warmth and care of loved ones. Who loved you for a reason, no reason, just because you – they are the best, favorite sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters!

striped eggs

Dilute the paint with a few glasses of different concentrations and in turn lower the eggs in them on different levels.

painted eggs

Paint the eggs can be normal in gouache and pencil, the main thing that was a soft pencil.

lacy eggs

Paint the eggs with a beautiful lace effect: wrap the egg in a lace cloth and dip for 10 minutes in a solution of paint. Remove the fabric – done!

Eggs with Glitter

Decorate with glitter eggs: you can buy them in departments with Easter decoration or cosmetic stores – Loose glitter makeup and nail polish, but in this case they need to be carefully shake and ensure that they do not fall into the food.

Eggs with patterns

Beautiful effect can be obtained using conventional pens and markers: just choose a favorite pattern and redraw it with a thin marker on the egg.

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