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Vases of plaster make ourselves

Which is soft and pliable material such as gypsum gives vent to imagination, not only in construction but also in interior decoration. They can decorate not only walls, but also items that would seem to have served us. Here, for example, old tin cans, which are difficult to decorate with paper, paint or fabric, you can update it with gypsum.

Old bottle wrap with any material (knitted fabric, tightly crumpled paper). We used an old sample vyvyazannogo web.

Secure the material to the bank (by whatever means available to you – safety pins, glue, staples, tape or rope).

Spread the plaster in a liquid state. Gypsum is better not to use the building (although it too), and decorative.

And put in plaster wrapped in a textured odezhku bank. Apply plaster in several layers on each side gradually.

Gypsum vases ready! They can not just put dried flowers, fresh flowers but also (as we were the basis of tin cans, they will keep well for a liquid flower).

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