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Cassina presents Sleeping Authentic: four new signature beds Dordoni, Lissoni and Starck

Sleeping Authentic is the original interpretation of the sleeping area of Cassina. Its four new signature beds are: Sled by Rodolfo Dordoni, Piero Lissoni Mex and Moov, and Volage by Philippe Starck. They boosted them by the cenario event, the historic showroom in via Durini in Milan and the new restyling edited by Piero Lissoni.

Core of the new collection of beds Cassina is a reflection on the bed in its double meaning: cozy and relaxing object by the beauty of living and dedicated tool to the rest. The company relies on the design of three great masters of the contemporary scene, Dordoni, Lissoni and Starck and together with them, he goes in the structural heart of the bed with a thorough research on the culture of sleep and the use of techniques and more advanced systems to a proper rest.

Cassina has conducted a careful study of each structural aspect of the bed, by selecting and using the most advanced technologies to ensure the best performance, the same that has been used for the Wren Bedrooms in the UK. It uses four different types of networks, targeting specific ergonomic needs. The wooden slats which are all for the new generation able to move in multiple directions by means of special mechanisms and assembly systems, favoring the movements of the body as a function of a better quality of rest.

Also of the highest quality mattresses, they are calibrated to accommodate the various movements and postures in sleep springs, all separated and bagged one by one, ensuring long life and offer a differentiated anatomical support, designed to ad hoc. The linings of the mattresses are made of special materials that change in contact with the body and then resume the original layout. The box springs are filled with innovative materials, designed to give the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.
The bed Sled Rodolfo Dordoni is characterized by the high woodwork of Cassina in the processing of the header and the authentic rear shelf, given the usage of a bedside table or an unconventional mini-library during the night; it was described as a bed with compact lines, tailored at the same time in a dynamic way.

Sled is boosted for the center of every room, in a sleeping area which is crucial for the mega size, where it is perfectly accessible from various sides. Its overall geometry is clear and thin for the easy and comfy cushions of the head, in perfect matching with the wood surface. The bed, which is attached to an stained black oak frame can also be found in the version of Sled Slim, without shelf behind being adaptable to the wall. Rodolfo Dordoni has designed the wood furnishings that totally complement the bedroom: a desk with drawer and integrated asymmetrical top and two bedside tables with one or two drawers on preloaded on castors.

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