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Stylish leather riser recliner chairs

The Recliner Factory is a UK manufacture of stylish leather riser recliner chairs. A chair from the Recliner Factory is unique in that they can be custom made to closely match your existing furniture in your home.
We stock a large range of different fabrics and colours and we can normally match the other furniture in your home. If we do not stock a fabric or colour we can usually source the fabric from one of our many suppliers.

What is a leather riser recliner chair?
A leather riser recliner chair is different from a normal recliner chair or lazy boy. A riser recliner chair elevates the user to a near vertical position allowing them to easily sit down and stand up. When in the chair the user is treated to an unlimited range of luxuries positions from an electrically controlled hand set.
Many leather recliner chairs are made out of cheaper materials that are not 100% real leather and can leave the users feeling sticky and clammy on a hot day. In addition many other leather riser recliner chairs only have two positions. A chair from the Recliner Factory is electrically controlled meaning the user can find the position that is most comfortable for them and matches their body shape.

Our leather riser recliner chairs are an ideal choice for the elderly, disabled or those with limited mobility. The rise and lift function make them practical and safe for getting into and out of the chair. As we custom make our chairs we can cater for all weights and sizes. Our bariatric chairs have an increased width and depth, in addition to supporting additional weight.

Buying a chair from the Recliner Factory means you buy direct from our UK factory based in the west midlands. By buying direct from the factory you cut out middle men, shops and dealers allowing savings to be pasted on direct to our customers.

The Recliner Factory has a sister company, the Adjustable Bed Factory. The Adjustable Bed Factory manufactures stylish beds and is now offering a 50% sale on adjustable beds.

For more information on leather riser recliner chairs please visit the Recliner Factory website here or call 0800 988 2898.

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