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Home Office Decorating Ideas

Simple space
For those whose jobs require plenty of space to spread out – architects, interior and garden designers, for instance – a large desk and an uncluttered, simple space are key. Here, an oversized canvas in bold blue is mounted on the wall to personalise the simple white scheme; build the colour theme by using it in your choice of accessories and create a neat and co-ordinated environment.

Garden room
A garden cabin can be turned into a stylish home office: a glass roof and large windows allow you to make the most of natural light, with blinds to offer protection on sunnier days. A large dresser and comfortable dining chair replace traditional office pieces for a homely feel.

Functional lighting
For a busy professional with a heavy workload, a good lamp is essential for working late into the night. Leave space on your bookcase for a radio and personal items such as favourite pieces of china to create a happy atmosphere.

Elegant storage
Use a beautiful large cabinet as a storage unit for files and stationery if your office space is contained within a larger living area and you want to shut your work away at the end of the day. This smart Oriental cabinet not only fits the purpose, it is the perfect piece for this sitting room with eastern-inspired influences.

Compact living
A small workspace within a bedroom can be cleverly concealed by using a wooden partition to separate the desk and the bed, ideal if you cannot dedicate a whole room to office space. The clever placing of a floor light means it can be used both for late night working and bedtime reading.

Integrated look
Revive the practise of retiring to the morning room to work on your household bills, letters and invitations while you enjoy the morning sunshine. Lamps provide alternative light for those who prefer to work in the evening and you could set aside a nearby bookshelf for filing.

To make the most of a small area, a space-efficient layout is crucial. A desk pushed into an alcove, and stool tucked beneath it keeps the floor clear, while clipboards covered in pretty wallpaper are an inventive way to make the most of wall space.

Organised living
For a busy professional running a business from home, organisation is essential. Built-in shelves hold boxes and files that colour co-ordinate with a calming red and white-patterned wall panel featuring trees and birds, on the whole creating a clear and efficient workspace.

Floating shelves
A wall of floating shelves above the worksurface will help you make the most of a narrow room and provide you with plenty of space to house books and box files. Intersperse with personal touches such as family photographs and use a single neutral colour throughout to make a room feel wider.

Creative space
Take advantage of unused space and create a workspace in a downstairs backroom. Easy access to the garden, fresh air and lots of natural light makes for a relaxed and creative environment, perfect for an artist or writer. A good radiator is essential for winter months and vintage touches add character and originality.

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