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Exquisitely Color Ideas for Different Places

The color blocking trend has been back on the rise as we have seen its resurgence in the fashion world, but what about architecture and interiors. There are plenty of colorful spaces that are utilizing the fun and exciting world of color to express a whole lot more than just a well appointed space– many are just bringing the fun back into the world of neutral design. Below are 10 spaces that are working with the technique that’s all the rage this year.

This space has got a lot of interest just on the exterior with gorgeous cantilevered segments all painted in various colors which certainly draws you inside without being too over the top.

The Sprinkles cupcakes ATM has generated a lot of buzz for its neapolitan like color scheme. But it’s the blocking of the blue with the green and the pink with the red against that chocolatey brown that makes it work oh-so-well.

This hotel lobby’s combination of lovely reds, orange and yellow couldn’t have been combined better. The patterned wallpaper sets it all off nicely with the specks of greenery, and the orange and yellow desk is a nice and clean change up from the visual intensity that lies just beyond.

The layout of shipping containers in their latest popular settings tend to be more like a game of Jenga than anything else, but the exciting thing about this grouping of containers is the great use of green and yellow that comes into play with the blue.

Though this isn’t a text book example of color blocking– the definitive use of so many bright colors against one another couldn’t be overlooked. If you look closely at this graffiti hotel room the various pieces are set up as individually color blocked expressions in themselves.

Instead of just sticking to the art of color blocking in terms of walls and furniture applications, this London home has creative flooring and staircase applications to really make the vibrant colors of it all pop.

Though patterns aren’t always thought about in the color blocking process, this chartreuse and teal color combination is a well constructed, collective ensemble for any trendy home.

Entire spaces aren’t always themed and going to take on an entire color trend for the whole space, so for the most part an intimate seating area will be just perfect to balance out the multitude of colors used in the surrounding areas.

Color blocking can also be great for way-finding or even distinguishing public and private spaces. This Japanese Chef’s school used their color combination skills in so many interesting ways.

Let’s not forget about entire building facades. Especially in those countries where color is life, like the above photographed hotel in Madrid, Spain.

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